Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katrina Turns 10: Your Most Enduring Memory of Watching Black People Riot/Loot/Demand Help in Aftermath of Hurricane

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The question is simple: what do you remember most about Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath. What is the one story, the one video, or the one image that sticks out most in your mind?
A glimpse of the Day the EBT Card Runs Out

I love the city of New Orleans and believe the city teeters on the verge of Haiti yet bursting with the civility and culture only the French can cultivate.

To me, the most enduring moment of Hurricane Katrina came five years after the waters had receded and black refugees from New Orleans had helped spread crime to cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge: when George W. Bush admitted the low point of his presidency was being called a racist by Kanye West (not, you know, 9/11...).

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

President Obama, will you be singing "Amazing Grace" at the Funerals of Alison Parker and Adam Ward?

Some race-based executions are more equal than others, right President Obama?

One of the most chilling photos you'll ever see, made all the more frightening it's a still from a video of a black-on-white execution
Welcome to America, 2015... a nation teetering on the verge of the Raw EcaR.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To be a White Person in the SuperDome in New Orleans in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina..

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With the 10th Anniversary of unnatural disaster of black savagery being exposed in New Orleans by the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina approaching, I had hoped to finish a book on the subject and the racial history of The Big Easy.
The horrors for white people found in the SuperDome during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina matched its facade

If you've ever been to Key West, Florida, you'll have experienced the type of city New Orleans could be were it not for the black population found there (it's rare to see a police officer in Key West, when it's shocking to not encounter a police officer every five feet in New Orleans).

To me, the widespread availability of camera phones, Twitter, and Facebook now would have been truly advantageous for exposing the truth of black depravity (more so than World Star Hip Hop now) had this technology/social media been in place in late August/September of 2005.

Though it was a few years away from transforming the dissemination of news/reality, Hurricane Katrina did blow a potent wind upon those hoping to cover unpleasant racial realities in New Orleans.

No horror, save for that experienced by the French slaughtered by the black uprising in San Domingo, can match what those white people trapped in the SuperDome experienced during Hurricane Katrina... courtesy of blacks. [Blacks Turn On Whites In New Orleans Superdome,, September 2, 2005]:

An Australian newspaper reports on black crime against Australians in the Superdome motivated by racial differences.
Brisbane's John McNeil, 22, told his family he'd witnessed murders, rapes and stabbings, and feared he would be killed.
Mr McNeil's father, Peter, said his son was with about 60 other foreign tourists who had fled the Superdome.
"They couldn't stay another night, the situation was so bad," he said.
"People were just staring at them and making suggestions that they were going to kill them."John's sister Susie said he saw shocking acts of violence amid fierce racial tension in the Superdome.
"It's turned into a black against white thing," she said. "My brother has witnessed murders, stabbings, rapes . . . it's like a Third World country."
The BBC similarly reports that British whites in the Superdome are being targetted for violence by blacks.
"Then last night our mother got a call saying the situation had deteriorated.
"He witnessed a good deal of violence, with scuffles going on and people breaking things.
"The National Guard moved them out into the basketball stadium next door where the very sick were being held.

Have any American media outlets reported about the racially motivated attacks on whites by blacks in New Orleans? Or is the taboo so strong in America that only foreign news services will mention it?
Update: The British wire service Reuters also reports on black hostility toward whites in New Orleans.
Valenti and her husband, two of very few white people in the almost exclusively black refugee camp, said she and other whites were threatened with murder on Thursday. 
"They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us," she said, 
sobbing. "They were plotting to murder us and then they sent the buses away because we would all be killed if the buses came -- that's what the people in charge told us this morning." 
Other survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder. 
"The group really feared for their safety because they were being targeted because they were the only white people there.
"The National Guard moved them out into the basketball stadium next door where the very sick were being held.
The truth of what actually happened in the SuperDome after the law and order established by white civilization broken down in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is still only the stuff of legend.

So, for the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, SBPDL invites anyone who lived through Katrina in New Orleans to come forward with their story. Tell it in exacting detail.

Tell the world what you experienced.

Because the only certainty in these uncertain times is that the lawlessness and African-style anarchy on display in Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans will happen again.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

For 39 of the past 47 years, a Republican has been the mayor of Indianapolis. No matter the purported "conservative" rule, black violence in the city is on par with that found in Baltimore and St. Louis. 

It should go without saying, but without a black population, Indianapolis would be violent crime free.[City leader pushing for stop and frisk searches in Indy,, August 24, 2015]:

Back in 2013, a federal judge ruled that New York Police Department’s stop and frisk search tactic was unconstitutional. 
The policy then allowed officers to stop and question, and even search people for guns. Those against the tactic believed the stops were not based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. 
Despite frustration over the policy, a New York report pointed out that 24 percent of those stopped and frisked were arrested for a violation. 
Protestors in New York marched the streets until the searches were deemed unconstitutional. 
Rev. Charles Harrison, with the Ten Point Coalition, is pushing for a policy similar to NYPD’s stop and frisk search tactics here in Indianapolis. Harrison’s push comes after a violent weekend where a mother and father were killed after 45 shots were fired at a gas station. 
Harrison’s frustration boils over after learning, the suspect in the murder of 16-year-old Jaylen Johnson, last week is a teenager as well 16-year-old himself. 
Harrison was aware that he will receive the criticism that stop and frisk search tactics have received in the past. He also acknowledged that some are concerned that the policy will give officers the freedom to practice racial profiling. He doesn’t agree with that notion. 
“The police are going to racial profile our kids,” said Harrison. “These are the same kids that are killing one another. Where are your voices then? These are the same kids,” said Harrison. 
According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department there have been 84 homicides to date. Last year at this time, there were 88 reported murders.
You have to wonder this one, simple fact: what would the real estate value in major metropolitan areas be in places like St. Louis, Baltimore, and Indianapolis if the black population there wasn't repelling civilization?

Something tells me Donald Trump has thought this very fact once or twice in his life.