Monday, October 29, 2012

"Now, eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?"

I'm an optimist. I believe the era of Black-Run America (BRA) is going to end, come crashing down to the earth.
The end of majority black Anacostia is upon us


Because every reason why the civil rights movement existed, the nation it replaced, and the world it has ushered in has been a catastrophic failure.

From Rhodesia to South Africa; to Birmingham to Detroit; to Rochester, New York (the site of the first great battle, a forthcoming three-part series here at SBPDL) to Gary, Indiana; you can not point to one city that has flourished since the civil rights legislation swept away the vestiges of an old America and ushered in... Detroit in 2012.

And now, comes this story courtesy of 92 percent black Anacostia, where poor blacks have been clustered together, maintaining one of the last strongholds of blackness in the Washington D.C. area that keeps the "chocolate city" from going completely vanilla.

Back in 1877, Fredrick Douglass was the first black person allowed to own land in Anacostia, and its been all down hill since then. The Anacostia metro station on the "green" line is a no-go area and now, comes this story [Citing attacks directed at buses, Metro weighs service cuts in Anacostia, Washington Post, 10-28-2012]: 
 The steep, narrow streets around Robinson Place, often the scene of violent crime, have become treacherous territory for Metrobuses in Southeast Washington. Police say teenagers are pelting buses with rocks, bricks and debris, causing injuries and damage and heightening anxiety among drivers and passengers. 
Now, Metro wants to end night service in the trouble spots, all but giving in to the unidentified young people thought to be menacing the route. Metro Transit Police say they have not been able to halt the attacks, with no arrests in at least two years. 
The chief spokeswoman for the D.C. police says the department does not assign officers or detectives to the bus cases because the attacks on Metrobuses are the transit agency’s responsibility. Caught in the middle are residents who live in the heart of the city’s poorest ward and who depend on bus service. If the proposed service cuts to the routes — the W6 and W8 — are approved, some riders would be forced to walk up to half a mile to the nearest bus stop.

Metro’s top bus official said he regrets having to take such a dramatic step, but said he has to consider the safety of the agency’s employees and passengers. “From a safety standpoint it is worth taking the service away,” said Jack Requa, Metro’s bus chief. When the objects hit the moving buses, they crack windshields and break side windows, and in the most serious cases, injure riders and bus operators. D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), who represents the area, said the police have not done enough. “It’s gotten worse because nobody’s dealt with it,” Barry said. “There’s been this finger-pointing on the part of Metro police and D.C. police.”  

A relic of dying past
With many people in Ward 8 needing public transit, reductions in bus service should not be made lightly, Barry said. Instead, the attacks on the buses — and similar vandalism of cars and other property — need to be more vigorously investigated than they have been up until now, he said. “They have not tried everything,” Barry said. “Simple as that.” Rock-throwing incidents targeting buses have been a citywide problem for years, but they occur far more frequently in Southeast, Metro officials said. The problem is acute along the W6 and W8 routes, which traverse Robinson Place and other streets with a history of violent crime. Metro says the W6 and W8 buses are targeted several times a week and some weeks every day. Police they think the attackers are ages 12 to 19, said Jeff Delinski, deputy chief of the Tansit Police. They hide in the dark and are gone by the time police arrive, Delinski said.

“We put our officers out there to attempt to catch these people and it is a waiting game,” Delinski said. Barry said the problem is puzzling. “I don’t know what it is about young boys that they love to throw rocks,” Barry said. “It happens more in low-income communities, it happens more where [there are] people with transit dependency and also where there are a significant number of young people who are home after school and don’t have recreation facilities.”
What more needs to be said?  "Rock throwing" happens more in black communities, just like crime happens more in black communities, just like misery and dysfunction happen more in black communities. Just like getting caught smoking crack on video while being mayor happens more in black-controlled cities, right Mr. Barry?

The problem isn't puzzling... the mere fact that we are even debating the elimination of bus service to Anacostia is yet another reminder of why we can't have nice things. Were you to replace the majority black population of Anacostia with, say, white residents from Fairfax or Vienna, what do you think would happen?

Potential gentrification in Anacostia - that of the white variety - is being greeted with "No Whites" graffiti each time a house goes for sell in the area where buses will no longer operate --- all because of the sons and daughters of the blacks who live there, the heirs of Douglass' dream of equality [‘Gentrification’ covers black and white middle-class home buyers in the District, 7-28-2011]:
Well, for one thing, property value would triple overnight in the new Anacostia and the bus service would resume with an immediate cessation of rock tossing at the public property. 
A group of young black professionals in Anacostia has gathered over spinach-strawberry salad and white wine, when the conversation turns, as if often does, to what they call the “G-word”: gentrification. “I used to think it was about race — when white people moved into a black neighborhood,” said lawyer Charles Wilson, 35, who lost to Marion Barry in the 2008 Ward 8 D.C. Council race. 
“Then, I looked up the word. It’s when a middle-class person moves into a poor neighborhood. And I realized: I am a gentrifier. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t like that word. It makes so many people uncomfortable.” Gentrification is always a delicate topic, especially in a city where it usually has meant well-to-do whites buying up affordable houses in predominantly black neighborhoods. 
The trend is reflected in recent census figures that show that the District is no longer a majority-black city and by ever-whiter neighborhoods such as Shaw and H Street Northeast. 
But black gentrification is increasingly redefining the G-word and changing the economics of places like Anacostia. “I have to admit that when I see a house for sale, I wonder if my new neighbor will be black or white. There is an extra sense of excitement when I find out it’s a young black professional,” said Wilson, who started a civic group, the Historic Anacostia Block Association. 
“I want to see more of us take advantage of the American dream of homeownership,” he said. “But I know that when people see white residents moving in, they assume that, ‘Oh the real estate value is going to go up, my neighborhood is going to get better.’ But my mission is that the neighborhood can improve with the people who are currently here.” 
But black professionals said more than bargain-hunting is drawing them to the area. They prefer to live east of the river, they said, because they feel at home in the black community and they like investing there. 
Still, skin color alone has not been enough to inoculate them against criticism that they are outsiders and interlopers. Anacostia has benefited from development brought by investment, but the G-word is still freighted with racial and class sensitivities. Some black gentrifiers said they feel some of the friction felt by whites when buying property in the area. 
About 3.3 percent of Ward 8’s 70,712 people are white non-Hispanics, according to 2010 Census data. That number is growing as more white professionals move in, Davis said. He said many “For Sale” signs in historic Anacostia are tagged with the graffiti, “No Whites,” which “means that a small minority fear being pushed out of their homes” by gentrification. 
“We have come across many of our posts defaced with the words ‘No Whites,’ ” Davis said. “We have had to fix them. But I think it’s just as wrong to discriminate against black people as it is to discriminate against whites.”
Personally, I see nothing wrong with discrimination. In fact, I believe the state should enforce legal discrimination through restrictive covenants: there is nothing more important than protecting the value of property so that each successive generation can grow wealthier from the ownership of inherited land and establish roots in a community.

Were one state in the union to make a case for the resurrection of this legal agreement on private property, you would instantly see a mass migration of white people there.... more importantly, you'd see foreign corporations instantly begin talks of investing manufacturing facilities there, knowing they could deal with a potential workforce devoid of... diversity.

Under our current system (since 1948), the federal government has dedicated its resources to waging war on communities and private property by undermining the states ability to protect and defend property value.

There is not one example in all of America of a majority white community going majority black and the property value increasing or even maintaining its value when it was majority white; invariably, it depreciates immediately. This is an example of the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

Whether or not we are prepared, it's time to appraise what has happened to America after our future has been taken hostage by the belief that black people can be remade into the image of your average white man.

The state of black-controlled cities -- where no discrimination from whites holds black people down anymore, but  instead, the combined efforts of black people do the trick in devaluing property, making the streets unsafe because of crime and mayhem, and leave schools... a standard deviation below that of the norm -- offer the devastating ammunition required to blow-away the lies that ushered in this epoch.

And therein rests the reason for optimism: for multiple generations, white people have abandoned any city (or school system) that shows only the remotest sign of going black (in the case of California: brown too). No matter the lies promulgated by the state; the media; the entertainment industry; or even academia, this same pattern still persists around the urban blight (it wasn't always like that) of majority black - and completely black-politically controlled- cities.


HaroldC said...

If I were a Negro and were to see whites moving into my neighborhood I would think. This is great! My new neighbors aren't likely to be criminals or lay abouts. Nor are they likely to allow their house become run down through neglect. The property values are going to go up. Tax revenue is going up to pay for better schools and services such as bus routes. The police are more apt to keep the criminal element out even if its just to protect YT. But it still benefits me. Who knows here in a few years I may be able to sell my house If I own it and make a nice sum then buy a house in another black neighborhood. If I'm lucky that neighborhood will undergo gentrification and I'll be able to sell that house and make even more money. That is what I would think if I were a Negro. But I have the good fortunate to not be a Negro. I do not prefer to wallow in my own filth instead of enjoying all the benefits of civilization just because it's my filth and someone else's civilization.

City resident said...

I have mixed feelings about gentrification. It results in the blacks not disappearing but just going elsewhere to be someone else's problem. Usually that someone else is a lower-middle class white who can't afford to just move at whim. When they got rid of the Cabrini-Green projects the inhabitants were moved into the laps of all sorts of people within the city and out in the suburbs. The problems stemming from dismantling the projects are being increasingly felt throughout the country.
Bring back the housing projects and ghettos. Contain it all within as small a place as possible and keep it like that, within the red line. That would be best for them as well as for us since obviously nobody is happy with this situation of government enforced integration. said...

They WANT the USA to fail.

down with the madness said...

Blacks and rock throwing is like macaroni and cheese, you don't get one with out the other.

Its genetic with them, stems from the days when they used rocks and stone throwing to pelt the wild animals on the plains of africa.

In south africa, they love their rock throwing abilities, they had a transport truckers strike here the otherday, and some black bastard threw a brick at a passing lorry, cause the lorry broke the strike, and that brick killed a white passenger.

These black animals always resort to chimping out by throwing rocks ans stones when their wishes aren't met.

I find it amazing how the blacks in the usa, mirror the blacks in africa and in haitii, and jamaica so well, the proof that their problems are genetic responses to life, is more than apparent.

How can blacks that haven't had contact with the continent that spawned their ancestors, behave exactly like the current denizens of the dark continent, how, they do not share social environements, political, educational environments. So how can the exact same problems arise, the obvious conculsion as horrible and uncomfortable as liberals say it is, its GENETIC.

There can be no other logical explanation, god speed to the great wake up of liberal whites, and the destruction of liberal ideologies and the destruction they have wrought on the face of the west.

Never stop reminding libs that its their actions that have caused this

I am educated said...

Don't the young Black professionals(YBP) just nauseate you, with their thinly veiled ghetto tribalism.


-But my mission is that the neighborhood can improve with the people who are currently here.”-

If he is a young professional, why does he still believe that the ghetto can be unghettoed by the people that created the ghetto in the 1st place.

These DYBP's just irk me, they still feral racists, that if you pour enough jack daniels down their throats, the african savage kicks in.

They have a thin veneer of western civilty around them via their designer labels, and expensive european colognes, university degrees, but deep down we know and they know that the feral savage is just bubbeling under the surface.

They especially nauseate me, at least the feral ghetto blacks just hate us, but the YBP's want to engage us in lofty talk that they barely understand.But now and again the cracks open slightly and pure savage can be seen lurking underneath.

They always have to mention how educated they are, they always have to use verbose thought to prove how educated they are, they are so tiresome.

BTW where is the YBP that used to troll here, I do miss reading his thinly veiled racist views, disguised as a jesus pathology to bring about a diversified united human family.

Why do YBP's alaways act the same, their modus operandi is as predictable as the ghetto stone throwers

eah said...

...all but giving in to the unidentified young people thought to be menacing the route.

Uh-huh, "thought to be menacing". Yes, we're not sure if it's happening or not, but we think it is. Stay tuned.

And we can already say something about the 'identity' -- i.e. a partial description -- of the "young people" involved, can't we?

So much uncertainty here...I guess we can't do anything until we have more facts. But don't hold your breath waiting for those facts to be published.

Anonymous said...

We truly need to return to a meritocracy. The policies of trying to artificially uplift those who are incapable of being uplifted has only resulted in widespread destruction and at great expense. It is a fools errand. The forced inclusion of blacks in our schools and in our neighborhoods has only served to drag everything down to their level- that of the lowest common denominator.
It's time to pull the plug on black life support programs and let them return to their natural self-created conditions. IF they want to live in a middle class home then let them earn it and be worthy of it- no Section 8 programs removing black pigs from their pig sty and placing them in a "palace" at other peoples' expense. No more Affirmative Action jobs, no more AA admissions to schools~ nothing!
Yes, they'll descend into Haiti like conditions ala Detroit or any other black shithole but that's on them. I'm old enough to remember black neighborhoods from my youth that were nothing but clapboard and tarpaper shacks but it was what they created for themselves. It's not the responsibility of the rest of the nation to compensate them for their failures nor to sacrifice for them or feel sorry for them. We owe them nothing- not even the construction of housing estates for them to infest and turn into generational crime ridden hellholes.
All this nation has been doing for the past fifty or so years is subsidizing the breeding of a destructive and parasitical class that feeds and breeds on our dime and, by doing so, this only guarantees the problem will grow worse and worse with each decade that passes.
It's past time for this madness to stop. Cutting them off would result in widespread massive chimp outs and riots but better to go ahead and get it over with before the situation grows utterly beyond all control.
The only duty we have is to protect ourselves, our families and our neighborhoods from their depredations and criminality.

Anonymous said...

PK, the critical thing is to keep telling the truth enough such that it becomes publicly acceptable. Keep up the good work.

Now, Metro wants to end night service in the trouble spots, all but giving in to the unidentified young people thought to be menacing the route.

Ah, the unidentified young people -- youths!. Yes, those wild and free youths who pelt buses with rocks. Well, at least it's not as bad as in Europa where the youths actually burn motor vehicles.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

In other news.. gangs coordinate looting during hurricane Sandy:

dude said...

whites brought blacks her; now deal with it. your fault.

james wilson said...

There is no good reason to locate the reservation on prime real estate. Times change. When the suburban escape route takes two or three hours a day, move the people out who don't commute because they have never worked. There are people in that hood who have never seen the river which is a few blocks away. What does it matter where they live as long as they are together in racial solidarity. They want what we want.

Except, this is DC, and what we want for DC if for it to become a ghost town. Which it was, in 1932. Boarded shops, empty homes, mansions, and apartment buildings, cars stacked to the roof with belongings leaving town. And then in 1933 it rained money.

Mutant Swarm said...

To our brothers and sisters in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I hope you're prepared, both for the weather and the looters that are organizing via Twitter as we speak:

Looters Organize via Twitter

This might just be the kickoff to SHTF. Amurrica certainly doesn't have the money to pay for repairing the damage that's going to occur, and who's going to loan us any more money?

I would call this a kamikaze ("divine wind"), were it not for the innocent lives that may be lost.

Anonymous said...

So how can the exact same problems arise, the obvious conculsion as horrible and uncomfortable as liberals say it is, its GENETIC.

I think what is chilling is that facts--actual, provable FACTS, scientific facts--have to be suppressed because they are not "PC." In other words, 2+2 cannot equal 4 anymore because it might hurt somebody's feelings. This is monstrous.

This "diversity" experiment has gone on long enough. We who still believe that facts trump feelings have seen that "diversity" doesn't work. On the contrary, it's dangerous. And no amount of liberal "hoping" is going to change that one iota.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that all rock throwers will be shot on site. Then carry out the law. Two weeks of little treyvons dropping in the streets will put an end to that.

Anonymous said...


I like the articles where you focus on the uniqueness of implicitly white events. This year I went to several of the Meccum Auto Auctions here in California. The only non-whites there where Hispanics pushing cars onto the auction block. I guess blacks have a bad history with auctions. Then there is the high levels of social trust that are required to have a successful auction. I'd love to see you do an article highlighting these wonderful events and why blacks would never fit in there.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that all rock throwers will be shot on site. Then carry out the law. Two weeks of little treyvons dropping in the streets will put an end to that.

Zenster said...

Police say teenagers are pelting buses with rocks, bricks and debris, causing injuries and damage and heightening anxiety among drivers and passengers.

Does anyone else come up the image of some chimps flinging their poo at zoo-goers?

It's just the usual cannibal shite. If they keep it up long enough, the bus service will stop and then they won't have any way of "commuting" out to the 'burbs for a round of polar bear hunting. Blacks devour themselves.

Someone needs to place pictures of Detroit's burned out houses and truck patches next to that "KEEP DC A CHOCOLATE CITY" poster. It's difficult to imagine what sort of person, besides a total porch monkey, wants to keep any city all Black. It's like protesting that, "Honestly, I really want to keep sitting in this diaper full of crap!"

What stronger indication does anyone need of Black dysfunction than the fact that they've elected crackhead Marion Berry back into office? "We don't care about your dismal track record just so long as you're Black!"

Potential gentrification in Anacostia - that of the white variety - is being greeted with "No Whites" graffiti each time a house goes for sell in the area where buses will no longer operate…

"No Whites"? And nobody is screaming about Jim Snow? Where is the ACLU? Yet, no one save a voice in the wilderness like, Paul Kersey, can state the obvious truth:

There is not one example in all of America of a majority white community going majority black and the property value increasing or even maintaining its value when it was majority white; invariably, it depreciates immediately.

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Zenster said...

I've got one thing to say about all those YBPs (Young Black Professionals).

Take away all of the government AA and dieversity jobs.

How many YBPs are left now?

Anonymous said...

Blacks and Hispanics are a cancer that is destroying our country and our culture, one neighborhood at a time. It's too bad so few people seem capable of seeing that the pace of the destruction is epic. California is a perfect example of a golden state turned into the toilet of the world in a few decades. This is happening nationwide and throughout the western world.

Anonymous said...

I have to post this because This article just speaks to me.

I booked a client (in a hurry) in the bad part of town well over a month ago... didn't realize my mistake until over a month later. One of the top #5 cities in the country, and I booked a client in THE part of town our map has Xd out.

We don't go there, its the South Side of a major city- Its largely black. This city has a 26% black population. I have too many stories of my experiences with the locals in that part of town.

My employees did the job- a "entertainment" service provided by 2 white highschool kids in a bad part of town for 5 hours.

Job went well, never heard a bad thing, and they are my most trusted employees, they managed to forget to get a credit card slipped signed- that was run well over a month before, for the agreed upon amount of $800. The hustle and bustle of this job- It's understandable, and it happens as best we try to avoid it- Stuff not getting signed happens, and people are understanding.

I get a statement in the mail yesterday, a request of documentation for this unsigned receipt. Policy is policy for a CC company- and despite my offerings (perhaps silly) of Photographic evidence, timed and dated- I'm out alot of $. Blows me away ink on paper is the only method of verification for my transaction.

My problem is that I called this lady 5 separate times upon receiving this- 1st time when she was at work, to which I kindly asked "Oh are you busy? Would you like to me catch you at a better time? Call you in 2 hours? At 5PM?..... Ok" Call back, no answer- and again, no answer. Call the other numbers provided- I got hung up on, ignored- Everything. Daughter answered on my 6th call and pretended to take down my information. Week later I have heard nothing.

She knew the system, and knew we were screwed- and screwed us.

I'm just in awe some people could have the morale character of.... Totally screwing someone else out of their hard work and then childishly ignoring them.

Until I realized where it was (zip code) and subsequently remembered where 95% of my hot checks come from.

Jay in DC said...

Part One-

I have some very intimate and personal insight into this particularly story. The Green line metro stop was across the street from the place I lived for years. I was also 1 stop away from L'enfant Plaza, and only 2 stops away from the most massive concentration of "The Other" in all of DC. For those of you not in the know about our Nation's Capital it works like this... DC is a quadrant divided diamond, I think most people know that. Southeast is the areas SE of the Anacostia River and its a fucking ubran shithole. The -vast- majority of perps I use to interact with all over DC had a "SE" location as their residence.

With a very convenient subway system it is rather easy to leave your subterranean urban shithole and jump a train a couple of stops to jack up a few DWLs who will gladly surrender their goods and belongings to you because 1) They have no testicles, male or female and 2) You are an underprivelged "yoof" and have had a hard life... or something.

I was part of the gentrification and in one of those "Front line" neighborhoods as I like to call them. Being that I use to deal with SE groids for work I'm pretty numb to their monkeyshines and antics. I see them chimpin' around and it is just expected behavior so the overly loud talking and cursing, the bravado, the chest thumping, the sub-human dialect, the pants off the ass--> numb. Since I could get pretty cheap rent in a "mixed" neighborhood that is where I called home. For fun and the lulz I did however, take myself out at night into the streets around my building, it is QUITE funny if you've never seen it first hand. Walk about 3-5 blocks in any direction from the newly minted gentrified areas where the DWLs have decided to recolonize and things go south pretty quickly.

So I'd just watch these dumb ass white broads with their little hemp or cloth shopping bags (no plastic are you NOT ECO FRIENDLY you Republican!) yakin' away on their iPhone and watch a bunch of young bucks start in on them with the swagger, the aggression, the yelling, the slurs. It is priceless. I guess I should have recorded more of it with my mobile phone. They just blithely walk onward knowning that their iPhone4 and White skin will surely keep them safe from the yoofs who are just soooo underpriveleged. I prayed for an assault. Nothing pulls DWLs into reality like being punched in the face hard, being robbed quickly, and if you are a woman being sexually assaulted. It is the only thing a DWL deserves for strolling around like peacocks in these areas.

Jay in DC said...

Part 2-

At the time I lived there (not long ago) I was dating a beautiful Hungarian girl, fresh off the boat. She had seen almost no black people in her entire life because why would she being from Eastern Europe? She watched just enough TV and read just enough MSM to understand that blacks are just like friendly whites, but with darker skin. I'd make some rumblings about my true views, and she would decry "are you a racist?!" which I would just laugh off completely. How could she know being from a 95% homogenously European country?

She got educated one night in the most spectacular fashion due to my location on the "Front lines" of TNB areas. We hopped a train, green line, to go see a show in the nicer parts of town. About 30-40 "yoofs" boarded the train and just started flash mobbing it. They were swinging from the bars like apes, because why not? And banging on the seats like drums, loud as they can be, cursing, chasing each other up and down the aisle of the moving train. Respect for anyone else on the train? Why on earth would I do that? That is for soft ass old white people son, what?!

I sat with this little smirk on my face for that whole ride as I watched her in fear and anxiety looking at that pack of animals who could strike at any time. I had just enough heat to stop 6 of them and probably incapacitate another half a dozen or so, probably far more than anyone else on that train but still feeling a bit outnumbered. It was a magical experience to watch her truly understand what I know through DAILY exposure not just by being in this city, but as my old job.

DWLs who are simply Whites that don't have black exposure CAN be converted. They just need to have some "immersion". The ultra left are lost, and need to be culled from the herd because they are the most destructive and drive policy. But the more moderate ones that simply are ignorant due to lack of interaction, just let them go to dark places for a day or a week. Perception changes rapidly when your personal safety is jeopardized.

Anonymous said...

Fifty years ago, the DWL narrative was that black people were inherently thirsty for education and success, but that it was just mean ol' whitey holding them back; the answer was integration in all aspects of society. Once that happened, blacks would then be given the chance to uplift themselves.

Well, they got their chance. Fifty years later, things are still the same, if not worse. Now, the excuse is "white privilege", i.e. the magical white ghost vapor of slavery's psychological memory keeping the collective black populace down, something that not even electing a black president could defeat. This white vapor is what causes blacks to remain ignorant, to be violent, to turn their backs on education, according to blacks and DWLs.

My question: whatever happened to personal responsibility? A grownup doesn't make excuses for past events; a grownup gets over it and takes care of himself. By blaming whitey, the blacks and DWLs are basically admitting that blacks are children, and should be held by a different standard than everyone else. At the same time, they also claim that blacks are equal. But you cannot have it both ways. It's either one, or the other.

Yet blacks ARE like children; they do abdicate personal responsibility. They remain uneducated because they don't WANT to be educated. They remain violent because they WANT to be violent. If they really cared about uplifting themselves, nothing could stop them. Certainly, nothing stops them from being violent and ignorant, no matter how many chances they are given to be otherwise. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It is time to stop the insanity.

Anonymous said...

One of the arguments in favor of restrictive covenants, that was dismissed by the left, was that blacks could have their own covenants. guess they wish they had those now.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is something a commenter here noted:
drag weight
or whites pull the train for the 47%.

Is it any wonder Whites are leaving California?

Anonymous said...

Gays gentrify first.
Once they have increased realty values , then the DINKS and families move in.

Since Gays are usually childless, they dont give a dang about horrid 'skools'.

Zenster said...

HaroldC: The property values are going to go up.

That only works if you actually own property. Blacks usually don't own property, they rent. When property values rise, rents rise with them. Ergo, Blacks don't like property values going up. It's a principal reason why they trash every last place they squat on. The rents stay low, right along with every other quality of life.

Anonymous said...

But the more moderate ones that simply are ignorant due to lack of interaction, just let them go to dark places for a day or a week. Perception changes rapidly when your personal safety is jeopardized.

I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley, as you probably know, is the bastion of liberalism in this country. You should see North Berkeley, full of rich white DWLs in million-dollar houses who praise diversity and yet had NEVER set foot in Oakland in their entire lives, even though Oakland is just a couple miles away. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

MuayTyson said...

“Then, I looked up the word"

A lawyer that did not know the deffintion of gentrification.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Jay in DC
RE: Part 2

You & others here may find the following 'the biter bit' story to be of interest.:

What Happens When a Ponytailed Defense Attorney Gets Mugged?

That such happened to who it did is an especially delicious example of karma in action. What a pity that MUCH more of this isn't happening.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What is all this about lives being lost in the Sandy storm!! It isn't like the damn thing sneaked up on us!

Anonymous said...

"PC." In other words, 2+2 cannot equal 4 anymore because it might hurt somebody's feelings."

2+2 equaling 4 would have a disparate effect on blacks that have yet to figure out how that is possible.

Anonymous said...

I'm 29 and all four of my grandparents were born in Europe. How many blacks did my family bring over? Should I have to pay reparations?

At least you don't deny the disgusting, violent, and consistent behavior blacks display.

And if we brought them back, surely we can return by your logic.

No worry, the next civil war will be in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I know the area myself. Similar story with a Romnian friend.

"Constant exposure to dangers will breed contempt for them." - Seneca the Younger

Anonymous said...

How very enlightening, please feel free to dazzle us some more with your stunning brilliance!
... Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Bravo "Z"! Great post, and yes, I always sort of picture the poo zoo image when they riot and burn down their communities and such.

Left Coast White Guy

Anonymous said...

Just 25 years ago California used to be referred to as the "Gold Coast" and Orange County as being "behind the orange curtain" ....a reference the cold war era term if being behind the iron curtain. Behind the orange curtain meant the invisible line that separated LA county from Orange county. Driving from LA down the freeway was dismal and dreary as you past near shanty towns with barred doors and windows, graffiti, gangs, fenced in yards. And then seemingly the sun comes out and there is no more filth or squalor, no more of the people that cause it either. Just beautiful suburbia with manicured lawns, bbqs sunshine and happiness. It really was night and day.
You can still tell the difference between the counties but the dividing line is no longer so striking and carriers that bring the disease have spread into what was once healthy and vibrant.
No, they no longer use the phrase of being behind the orange curtain. Very sad.

Left Coast White Guy

nameispointless said...

DC., the pony-tailed liberal huckster is making a fuss because the assailant was white.
Had he been black or brown? Not so much. Probably not at all.

Anonymous said...

What happens when a white family moves onto an all-black street?

The residents sigh and say "here comes the neighborhood!"

Zenster said...


Now imagine the ensuing sh!tstorm if a poster was put up that read:


Blacks and Liberals alike would be writhing in spastic throes of racial oppression even as they were speed-dialing the Department of Justice for a conference call with the ACLU.

Zenster said...

It wasn't a mugging. From the article:

Michael Cook is charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly clocking Kuby on West 23rd Street in mid-September. Kuby told cops he'd been walking near Cook and Cook's girlfriend, and the punch in the nose was his reward for objecting to the girlfriend's overheard anti-gay diatribe.

Fancy that, a busybody lawyer objecting to someone exercising their right to free speech. Quelle Horreur!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is while you waste your breath on commenting and worrying about blacks the spanish population is eating into your so called "White Majority." Just give it a break already with the race baiting black people and minorities give two fucks about what you inbreds think. It shows how unintelligent you fucken low lifes are to think that all black people are the same. White people are the majority and make up most of the populace. You dont think that there are more white people who are on food stamps and government assistance? I see the human race and not the pigmentation of someones skin. Education and civility and values begin with the environment. If African Americans were give a thousand years of of dominance I would be mad to that a race that was suppose to be so inferior can compete with AngloSaxons in sports, education, and the workforce. You people need to get a real fucken life and a job. By the way I am African American I have never been to jail, been on government assistance. I have an MD from John Hopkins and a MBA from Chicago school of Business. I worked three jobs while going to school and funded my own education. I guess your whole schematic about every single black person being stupid and animals just got thrown out the door. Its you dumb fucks that need to go to school and educate yourselves more than listen to others.

Discard said...

Anon at 3:32 PM: An MD from John Hopkins U? Hey stupid, it's Johns Hopkins. I don't normally dwell on misspellings or typos, but a grad from JOHNS Hopkins would be very aware that people often make that particular spelling error, and would not make it himself.
You are a liar. You did not attend Johns Hopkins, and you are not a physician, Of course, your tantrum is full of other errors, far more than an educated man would make. but I've not the time to point them all out. Dumb ass.

Discard said...

I'm back to finish my reading for the night, and I see that my comment was dropped. Oh well.
Anon at 3:32 PM: You are not a grad of John Hopkins U. There is no John Hopkins U. It's Johns (with an "s") Hopkins, and nobody who went there would make That mistake. You are not a physician, nor have you an MBA. Nobody with an education would make so many errors in their writing, nor would any MBA be so innumerate that they couldn't understand that the existence of one or a few capable Blacks doesn't change the facts about Blacks in the aggregate, or that a greater number of Whites receiving food stamps represents a much smaller proportion of our population. Dumb ass.